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WoW Armory Guild News

Shaë obtained Poisonroot Belt.
3 hours ago
Shaë obtained Wristbands of Cursed Torment.
3 hours ago
Fedrameda obtained Ley Dragoon's Hauberk.
3 hours ago
Fedrameda obtained Gloves of Wretched Lesions.
3 hours ago
Shaë obtained Nightborne Researcher's Phial.
5 hours ago
Shaë obtained Manawracker Bindings.
5 hours ago
Shaë obtained Roggthread Legwarmers.
5 hours ago
Shinohana obtained Nightborne's Hunting Horn.
5 hours ago
Fedrameda obtained Bitestone Boots.
5 hours ago
Fedrameda obtained Nightborne's Hunting Horn.
6 hours ago
Apocalypsë obtained Thrymjaris' Grace.
6 hours ago
Trinìty obtained Coren's Cold Chromium Coaster.
7 hours ago
Siochana obtained Bindings of the Windseeker.
7 hours ago
Bucswife obtained Chain of the Underking.
8 hours ago
Gourmand obtained Steelgazer Hide Mantle.
8 hours ago

Members Activity

Avaron joined the site
Evenhide joined the site
Biostats joined the site
Evenhide is a New Recruit at [sitename]
Class: Druid

Level: 110

Play Style: Mostly PvE and Some PvP

1st Profession: Alchemy

2nd Profession: Herbalism

Raid Availability Days

Monday: Yes
Tuesday: Yes
Wednesday: Yes
Thursday: Yes
Friday: Yes
Saturday: Yes
Sunday: Yes

Raid Availability Times

Weekdays: 5:00 PM -
1:00 AM

Weekends: 10:00 AM - 1:00 AM

Members Availability


BBnB Members

# Name Class Rank
1. Lightscrown Paladin HNIC
2. Soulsistah Warlock Queen B
3. Nightvale Druid Queen B
4. Mortread Shaman Sentinel
5. Bluntburks Paladin Officers
6. Mordragon Mage Officers
7. Kveldbjarn Druid Officers
8. Smittywerben Druid Officers
9. Incarcerate Death Knight Officers
10. Yasuhiro Mage Officers
11. Bowenlai Warrior Core Team
12. Noirci Mage Core Team
13. Solowehunter Hunter Core Team
14. Shinohana Demon Hunter Core Team
15. Casterella Mage Core Team
16. Shaë Priest Core Team
17. Gourmand Monk Core Team
18. Siochana Druid Core Team
19. Buctacular Druid Core Team
20. Shureknight Priest Core Team
21. Melisha Shaman Core Team
22. Lostblade Druid Core Team
23. Kenyei Hunter Core Team
24. Fuyumiki Hunter Core Team
25. Devaraja Paladin Core Team
26. Tonitotems Shaman Core Team
27. Catznip Warlock Core Team
28. Msjackle Druid Recruit
29. Sibolth Warrior Recruit
30. Twîtch Hunter Recruit
31. Parzifal Hunter Recruit
32. Suovackra Priest Recruit
33. Shàdòww Rogue Recruit
34. Brîar Shaman Recruit
35. Azazàel Demon Hunter Recruit
36. Dowlo Monk Recruit
37. Allexìs Shaman Recruit
38. Kiwa Priest Recruit
39. Evenhide Druid Recruit
40. Pedmos Warrior Recruit
41. Fedrameda Hunter Recruit
42. Bucswife Hunter Recruit
43. Epidemics Warrior Recruit
44. Willowfang Druid Recruit
45. Biostats Paladin Recruit
46. Pwnnisher Druid Recruit
47. Birdizdawerd Shaman Recruit
48. Idontlikeyu Warlock Recruit
49. Cakilla Hunter Recruit


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